Realtor Referrals

Referral Policy:

Our referral policy is simple and straight forward. We give either $100.00, or one months management commission on an occupied unit, of the referred property, whichever is greater, to the Broker Office that refers us a property to manage. These referral fees are normally paid within 30 days after a referred property is accepted by our office. You can track the referrals paid and those that you have made to us through this web site.

Just Closed Escrow:

Usually, an agent will refer a property to us just before it closes or soon thereafter. We can either snail mail or email out a Property Management Package to you or your client. In either case, one of the forms that will need to be provided in the paperwork returned to our office is proof of ownership of the referred property. This can be in the form of the escrow settlement sheet, or anything else that shows the buyers’ names and the property address.

Getting Registered:

Use the “Register Now” button to the right in order to add yourself to our referral database. Once that is completed you will then need to “log in” through the “SELF-SERVICE PORTAL” in the upper right-hand corner of the page to be able to navigate and enter referrals.

We Protect You:

The question we are asked most often by referring agents is..”Do we protect you, the referring agent, from us taking or selling the referred property in the event that later down the line the owner decides to sell”. The answer is YES, of course. We are in the management business. We rarely handle sales. There is however one instance where this may change. That would be in the case where OUR OFFICE put a tenant into the property, and during the management process, this tenant inquired about purchasing the property and the owner decided to sell to this tenant. In this scenario, we basically provided the owner with the buyer through the tenancy process.

Success Requires Cooperation:

Success in the real estate industry is not a simple process. Most people find that you need to network and compliment other real estate professionals’ efforts in order to get and stay ahead in this industry. We have worked hard at maintaining solid relationships with many offices, brokers, and agents throughout the valley. We appreciate your consideration.